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Water damage isn’t just a situation of damaged properties as it can also extend to health damages if it’s underestimated. Water damage makes up about 70% of all insurance claims and gradually destroys properties through conditions such as; Ceiling leaks, flooding, hurricane damage, storm damage, kitchen leaks, air conditioning leaks, and broken pipes.

Whenever you notice or experience any of these conditions or somewhat, do not attempt to make repairs by yourself - contact Firehouse Adjusters immediately in order to salvage the situation and also avoid further damages as we also provide the best of settlements for you. We will inspect the situation professionally, take photographs for evidence and efficiently manage the situation.

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To file a plumbing insurance claim, Firehouse Adjusters will help you figure out the next course of actions to take as well as sorting out your insurance claims. We take a speedy approach to ensure you get an excellent amount as compensation as we make efforts to salvage your property.

Firehouse Adjusters takes every plumbing conditions seriously as we do not underestimate the damages that can emanate from what may be considered as a ‘little’ plumbing fault. A little fault could further degenerate into a bigger fault which would require huge expenses or even cause health problems. For this reason, we take swift actions to remedy situations such as; broken drain lines, mold build ups, shower leaks, drain backups, supply line leaks, kitchen leaks, etc.

We would run a free damage inspection on your property with the aid of our efficient and diligent team who take their time to find even difficult spots where water damages and molds emanate. Having done this, we make corresponding analysis and evaluations on your property loss after which it would be forwarded to your insurance company and ensure negotiations come to a favorable conclusion for you.

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The effect of the flood can be very devastating and you will always need the expertise of a professional public adjuster to prepare a detailed paperwork and go into negotiations with your insurance company to ensure a befitting compensation for your property loss. Doing this on your own will keep you at the risk of getting less than you should.

We deploy exceptional expertise in sorting this out by using professional tools such as infrared cameras, hydrometers, and moisture detectors. An intense assessment will help you detect more damages than you would easily notice on your own physically and carrying out these assessments will help you get the right amount of funds to cater for the repair costs and also avoid extra costs.

We will ensure you are properly compensated for your property loss, repair bills, removal of molds and bacteria, as this will be included in the claims presented to the insurance company.

In case you do not have a full coverage on your insurance policy, we will make sure we get the best settlement for you based on the kind of policy you are subscribed to.


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Roof leaks will gradually bring wear and tear to your home if they are not timely addressed. It starts to affects ceilings, paint, doors, etc. If left unaddressed, the damage can continue to deteriorate and may bring mold which will increase scope of work. Lean on our adjusters to find these leaks and get you on the right path to fixing your property. 



Heavy rainfalls and turbulent winds are part of nature and there’s little that can be done to prevent them. It becomes necessary to guide against the possible outcomes of storms as much as we can. Being based in South Florida, Firehouse Adjusters has extensive experience dealing with claims arising out of hurricanes where they may seem to be multiple causes of the damage to your property such as wind, rain, flood, or lightning. Having an insurance expert on your side to determine what you should be getting coverage for can mean getting coverage on a multitude of damages the insurance company refuses to pay for. 

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Filing a home insurance claim for wind damage requires the right expertise and Firehouse Adjusters is the best option you can rely on. We have a wealth of experience on this, and we would take every necessary procedure to ensure your case is adequately presented as well as getting the best settlement.

We get this done by sending our team to carry out an intense inspection of damages in your home as well as properties or any other items affected. Having carried out the inspection, Firehouse Adjusters gathers substantial evidence with the aid of quality photographs in other to lay undeniable claims with the insurer.

At Firehouse Adjusters, we know how devastating and discomforting such situation can be, so we make the process quick as much as we can to ensure you are compensated in a remarkable measure of time.

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If you just experienced damages caused by hail in your home and you have an insurance policy that covers for it, put a call through to us and we would help you with your claims and ensure your property is back in order.

Aside from other property damages as a result of the hail, roof damages are the most popular in the records of hail damages. Though some roof can stand the effect of the hail, most roofs are on the contrary.

Hail damages must be fixed as soon as possible because if it’s underestimated, it will degenerate into flood damages and the effects would be much more grievous than the initial damage.

In order to arrest this damages before the grow into worse conditions, contact Firehouse Adjusters and enjoy a free consultancy and professional inspection which comes before an adequate analysis and evaluation to help you achieve a generous claim from your insurer

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Whether it is a commercial or residential building, a fire incidence can occur anytime. Sometimes it takes just a little carelessness or just a surge to cause a fire accident. Such accidents are very distressful as they make home and business owners unhappy and confused on what their next step should be.

As you make your contacts and reports on the fire incident, you should also consider putting a call through to your Public adjusters as this would be a great step of getting the right support for an adequate compensation from your insurer.

At Firehouse Adjusters, out experts are always ready and equipped with the right skills to handle fire accident cases and ensure you get a well-deserved claim.

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If you experience a fire damage emanating from a power surge or electrical damage, contact us to help you claim a befitting compensation from your insurer. With the help of our experienced team, a quality inspection will be carried out as well as a detailed analysis and evaluation followed by an exceptional negotiation to get you the required funds needed for repairs and replacements of equipment that may have gotten damaged.

Though when this kind of incidents occurs, it takes some time to find out all the electronic equipment that have been damaged. Phone systems, computers, kitchen appliances, etc. just to mention a few… and for an average homeowner, it is almost impossible to go through the process of checking all the electronic equipment to find out those that have been affected. To solve this, you need to hire us as our experts have a full knowledge of how to carry out a detailed inspection to note every equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced and also get the right compensation that covers the properties damaged.

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As a business owner, you may need to file for claims at certain times but this would need the expertise of a Public Adjuster. Firehouse Adjusters has successfully made remarkable impacts over the years, with an outstanding record of helping our clients achieve substantial claims that they imagine to be impossible.

To achieve success on this, we take the time to meet with business owners during crises and offer an intense and free consultancy to understand their needs and the insurance policy that they have subscribed to, in order to prepare adequate analysis and evaluations that would be forwarded to the insurer.

Firehouse Adjuster operates with a team consisting of high profile public adjusters whose expertise have been tested and trusted over the years. We don’t lose negotiations as we leverage on a handful of networks to ensure that every trending information and resources are pulled together to make sure our clients get the maximum settlements always.

Do you have a need to lay claims for the recovery of your business? Do not hesitate to put a call to us as we would be willing to help you bounce back on your business.

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Firehouse Adjusters take a very keen interesting in helping you get a befitting compensation whenever you experience a burglary or vandalization on your property. We possess a team of highly-qualified Theft Vandalization Insurance Claim Adjusters who have a good experience on such case relating to commercial or residential properties owners who seek help over their property loss.

Because most property owners try to work out these claims on their own, they often get less compensation because they do not possess the professionalism to know what their lawful rights are.

Do not fall short on the benefits you ought to get by trying to recover your loss on your own. Contact Firehouse Adjusters for a professional representation in order to get the maximum settlement on burglary and vandalism situations.


There are a lot of terms that describes what is regarded as a collapse and if you are not a professional in this field you may likely get little or no compensation. If you experience a collapse as regarding your property. To be on a safer side it is advisable to seek the help of a public adjuster to ensure you have the right negotiations in order to get the best settlement for the incidence.

Firehouse Adjusters has gained a reputable stand in delivering the services of public adjusters on several collapse cases with a high level of success achieved in delivering the best to our clients. We bring all resources to play and gather evidence as well as preparing a detailed analysis/evaluation to get the best settlement from your insurer.